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Saturday, May 26, 2018

Full Figured Fairy Goes To Sedona, Arizona

Full Figured Fairy Goes To Sedona, Arizona
Sedona's Famous Cathedral Rock
How are ya my beautiful Darlings?

It is me...Sylvia...your Full Figured Fairy blogging at you from Sedona, Arizona.  I am on the first stop of my annual Spring Pilgrimages to Sedona, Arizona...Mount Shasta, California...and last but not least; the Island of Maui in Hawaii. 

So, I always come to Sedona first because I need to arrive after the monsoon season begins.  Then I go to Mount Shasta second. Finally, I finish my annual Spring Pilgrimages in Hawaii.  This year it will be on the Island of Maui.  And, just in case any of you will be in any of these three places when I am there...keep your eyes open, because you just might see me flying, there, and everywhere.  I get around...and when I fly past you at warp speed, you will know I just warped you out.  Believe me!
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Full Fugured Fairy  Goes To Sedona, Arizona
Beautiful Red Rock Formations Abound
And as of this moment, I am now here in Sedona.  Yes, this Fairy has indeed arrived. The Red Rock Mountains are so beautiful here.  They have energy and Light that is powerful and emotionally healing, too.

I planned on filming this trip to Sedona myself with my Brownie Starlight 2000 Home Movie Camera.  But, I forgot to bring it.  I luckily have my Brownie 250 Land Camera with me. It takes great still pictures and this will be fine for us to see the beauty of Sedona in living color still photographs that I will shoot for you all by why don't we begin our little tour of Sedona right now...shall we?

Full Figured Fairy Goes To Sedona, Arizona
Arnica Flowers Growing Wild In Sedona
First stop will be to find some wild flowers.  I love flowers and Sedona has some pretty ones I love   I know of a field of Arnica that grows right over here.  Yellow Arnica is a medicine plant that has many healing properties, you know.

My favorite are these yellow Arnica flowers. I always start right over here with Thunder Mountain in the distance.

Now as I fly around Sedona's wild areas I will take a lot of pictures.  Some of them are right here for you to see in this blog entry.  At the end of this blog you will see my very special Video Slide Show of the dozens and dozens of beautiful Sedona Images I have taken just for you.  When you get there click on it and watch it too. 

I come here every year in the Spring because Sedona is the center of the "Letting Go Energy" here on our beloved Gaia Mother Earth at this time. That means that whatever feelings, emotions, and past dastardly deeds you have done to other people will be forced to the surface by the powerful Vortex energy coming from these Red Rock Mountains.  The Vortex Energy and Light will force your negative emotions and bad memories you can let go of them once and for all.  The Letting Go energy here is very powerful.  Never take it lightly.

The Vortices that are contained within the Red Rock Mountains here in Sedona naturally expand and become their most powerful during the Monsoon Rainy Season from approximately April through August every year. That is why I like to visit here now.  So I can experience the Letting Go Energy and the Transformation Light as it expands. Thunder Mountain is the best example of this Vortex Energy Dome that covers the entire town of Sedona and its outlying wild areas filled with Nature.

Full Figured Fairy Goes To Sedona, Arizona
Thunder Mountain Energetic Vortex
When the Spring Monsoon Season dumps tons of water on the parched red dirt, this causes the underground water table to rise up.  As it rises, the millions of tons of Sedona Base Crystal that are buried deep below the mountains feel the water rise up to touch it...and presto!  Electrons begin to flow, swirl and travel through the mountains right out their tops.

The entire area of Sedona becomes a huge vortex of the White Light of Love.  It stimulates us to let go of our lower, negative feelings, emotions, and past transgressions in favor of replacing it with the White Light of Love of the Cosmic Christ.  I know that is a lot to take in at this time, but my Darlings you must trust me when I say, everyone needs to be in Sedona, Arizona in the Spring to early Summer...and I am no exception.

I hoped you enjoyed this little sneak preview blog entry of me talking about how absolutely energetically brilliant Sedona, Arizona really is.  Now click on my Special Bonus Sedona Video Slide Show below so you can view many more of my still photographs of Sedona's natural beauty that I snapped for you.

I love you all!
Big Kiss! 💋💋
Bye bye now!

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