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Saturday, May 26, 2018

Full Figured Fairy Goes To Sedona, Arizona

Full Figured Fairy Goes To Sedona, Arizona
Sedona's Famous Cathedral Rock
How are ya my beautiful Darlings?

It is me...Sylvia...your Full Figured Fairy blogging at you from Sedona, Arizona.  I am on the first stop of my annual Spring Pilgrimages to Sedona, Arizona...Mount Shasta, California...and last but not least; the Island of Maui in Hawaii. 

So, I always come to Sedona first because I need to arrive after the monsoon season begins.  Then I go to Mount Shasta second. Finally, I finish my annual Spring Pilgrimages in Hawaii.  This year it will be on the Island of Maui.  And, just in case any of you will be in any of these three places when I am there...keep your eyes open, because you just might see me flying, there, and everywhere.  I get around...and when I fly past you at warp speed, you will know I just warped you out.  Believe me!