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Monday, April 16, 2018

Do Fairies Wax Their Wings?

Do Fairies Wax Their Wings?

Do Fairies Wax Their Wings?
How are ya?
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My new blog entry will come your way either tomorrow or the next day after tomorrow.  It all depends on when I can get my appointment with my Beauty Stylist.  It is time to get my wings waxed again.  They have been drooping lately and frankly I am having trouble straightening up and flying right...if ya know what I mean?  Just so ya know...not all Fairy Folk wax their wings.  But I do because I like flying at warp speed a lot.  It's a thrill I just can not resist.  Waxing my wings makes flying at warp speed safer you know.  It allows for more precision when I need to make sudden emergency turns too.  Now you know why I never got splatted on the front windshield of them Taxi Cabs when I lived in New York City for ten years...yeah…waxed wings!

We are talking about a safety issue here now, because at the moment... if you were to see me flying up ahead of you...oh my gosh and a half.  You would think I was tipsy on too much Sweet Nectar Wine already.  There are just two words that accurately describe my flying ability right now...and they are… "Reckless Endangerment".   I kid you not.  Of course, you know what Mickey Mouse always says..."Safety First!" is off to the Beauty Stylist I must go before I can do anything else this week.  And by the way...she always does my nails while my Professional Wing Waxer Technician conditions my wings. I just love it when they pamper me like that.

So, I just wanted you all to know that just as soon as I can get my appointment, everything will be back to normal...I promise!  Oh and by the way... my next blog entry is a Red Alert!  Can you hear me everybody?  I am yelling Red Alert here!  Let's make a deal.  In this next blog I want to be able to tell you the truth about some stuff and I do not want you to freak out on me now?  Just listen calmly to what I have to divulge to you and then please do your freaking out later after I am long gone.  Ok?  Do we have a deal?  Fine!

So, I guess I will see you real soon when you come back to read my next blog...and vote my success getting my appointment with the Wing Waxer Tec. That will have to be it for now.  I gotta go book my appointment before the Beauty Salon closes.

I love you all!
Big kiss! 💋💋💋
Bye bye now! 

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