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Saturday, March 24, 2018

Words Of Wisdom From Sylvia, Your Full Figured Fairy: Living In The Now Moment!

Hello my beautiful Darlings!
How Are Ya?
I am Sylvia, your Full Figured Fairy.

I keep hearing people must live in the Now Moment!  So I asked my Higher Self...Just why is it that we must choose to live in the Now Moment?

And here's what I got:

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The past is where all the memories of our disappointments and regrets lie there in.  The future is where all of our hopes and dreams for a better life reside.  Somewhere in the recesses of our minds where we perceive these two places, the past and the future to be, is where your true unique individual reality is located in the form of your Now Moments.

A wise man knows he must draw a solid line between these two imaginary realms in order to consciously create the reality of his own living space...the atmosphere in which he abides, and he calls that space his now moment.  This is the only place where the Creation of his thought manifestations happen.

Always remember...

What we place our attention on is what we get more of to experience for ourselves.  Equally, what we think...and what we speak...we always get more of that too.  So be careful with your thoughts, the words you speak, and what you focus on because these are all powerful Decrees calling forth Creation.

What you send out as thoughts, feelings, and emotions attracts and gathers more of the same stuff to it.  Then by the Law of Attraction, it all must return to its creator to be experienced in the Now Moment...thus adding to the individual reality within the atmosphere in which we abide.

So the moral to this story here is...

Focus only on that which serves you.  Think thoughts that expand your love, kindness, Divine Perfection, and Service to Others.  Then speak only words that bless, rather than complain, judge, condemn, or spread discord.  It is only when we are blessing each other, then we will have unlimited happiness!

Thanks for listening.

I love you all!
Big kiss! 💋💋
Bye bye now!

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