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Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Ask Full Figured Fairy: How Do I Get More Money?

Ask Full Figured Fairy:
So Sylvia...How do I get more money?

Ask Full Figured Fairy
Now that is the most frequent question I am asked.   All of you seem to be obsessing over money a lot. Ok! Here's the first thing you need to know about this money thing: We all have our need for more!  It is natural to want more money, more stuff, more friends, more freedom, more peace of mind, more security, more time to relax...with my favorite of course being more vacations!  Oh yes, and let us not forget more diamonds... because Diamonds are a girl's best friend.  Am I right?

Well my beautiful Darlings, I want you all to know that the need for more of anything in reality translates into our need to bring happiness into our lives.  Every desire that you have and everything that you want is because you believe that when you get it, the having of it will make you happier.  Being happy is what it all boils down to when you take a minute to be honest with yourself.  Life was meant to be fun and easy.  That's what my Fairy Grand Mother always says to me...and I believe her.

For you Humans, what I always hear you say to me is, "Oh Sylvia...if I only had more money, that would make me so happy!"  And what do I always say to that?  Fine!  If its more money that you want, then put your attention on your receiving more money.  But almost every time I give this very wise advice, somebody always chimes in with crazy ridiculousness like this:

"But Sylvia...I don't have a job, or they say that the economy is bad right now, or they make the excuse that only the rich get richer and we poor people only get poorer.  These false beliefs only serve to keep you from receiving more money.  Trust me on this!  It seems to me that most of you only know how you talk about lack all the time when it comes to your money situation.  Well stop that already!  Did you not hear my wise advice I just gave you?

I said if you want more money, then that is fine!  Meaning...Ok, you can have it!  So to get more money coming in all you have to do is to focus your attention only on you receiving more money. Not on the appearance that you do not have enough.  So why in the world are still telling me all the reasons why you can't or won't or shouldn't or you wonder why not or you're not worthy of having more money yet?  Did you know that the only way to get more money my Darlings is to speak, focus, direct, and command that you are ready to receive more money.  Then you must pretend, imagine, and act like you already have it!  Anything less than that will only keep pushing the money you want away from you.  Does that make sense?  Do you get it yet?  No?  Maybe?  Yes?  Possibly?  All of the above?

ask full figured fairyAlright!  Let us use me as an example, shall we.  I am Sylvia your favorite Fairy friend, am I not?  Have you ever thought to ask me what is the most important thing to me?  There is one thing that if I could get more of it... it will make me very very very happy.  Well, that one thing that makes all of us who live in the Fairy Realm happier than a pig wallowing in a puddle of mud is NECTAR.  I live for my nectar.  I Gotta have it!  I gotta always find more of it and the happiness that I experience when that happens is ecstasy to a Fairy.  Kinda like what happens to a Cat that accidentally stumbles into a wild patch of cat nip plants.  That cat will lay there in the middle of that patch high on cat nip for a week forgetting about all his troubles and responsibilities, because he is experiencing cat ecstasy.  I mean to the feline persuasion, that's like being in Kitty Cat Heaven!

Well, I have the same problem when I discover a new field of flowers that are heavenly laden with nectar, you know.  First I jump with joy and then I fly at warp speed into the middle of my newly discovered Nectar Gold Mine and I shout a loud and commanding warning to all the honey bees and butterflies to watch out because the Full Figured Fairy has arrived.  That usually works nicely and they immediately scatter.  After that all of them are careful to never fly too close to me because they know not to mess with a Fairy who is living out her obsessive-compulsive fantasy high with nectar.

ask full figured fairy"So Sylvia, what does all that have to do with me wanting more money?... you may ask?

Thank you for ruining my powerful fantasy moment about what's important to me.  Fine!  I will tell you the answer then.

How did I find all this nectar?  Why was it me who got to discover it first?  Why was I so lucky?  Inquiring minds want to know!  That's the point I am trying to make here...and luck has nothing to do with it. Oi Vey!  So how come I found this nectar?  Because... I wanted it a bit.  I didn't give a lot of thought to how it would come.  I pretended that it already had happened.  I felt it.  I looked forward to it...and then there it was.  And for me, whenever I follow my own wise advice and ask for something in this manner, it usually manifests right before my very eyes for me to use in 72 hours or less.

Why?  Because I believe in instant manifestation.  That's why!  My Fairy Grand Mother told me that this is it is!

You know what?  All this focused concentration on the delightful deliciousness of nectar demands that I go right now and take a nectar break.  Nectar and drinking Mochas are two of my obsessions.  I admit it!  So, here is what I am going to do for you?  I love Abraham-Hicks and after you go and do what I am about to tell you to will love Esther Hicks and Abraham too.  Abraham speaks through Esther by using her voice, and when he does this he speaks on lots of topics that concern the betterment of humanity.  His advice that he spreads through Esther Hicks speaking his words has helped millions of people get back on track and this thing about money is their most frequently asked question too.

I have Ester Hicks and Abraham's permission to do this for you so... I want you to trust me and click down below on the link that will take you to six or seven of my favorite short Abraham-Hicks "On The Subject Of Money" type of videos that will help you.  I promise they are not trying to sell you anything either.  Their advice is FREE just like mine and it works.  They help you to change the way you think about money and thus use the Law Of Attraction to bring more money to you naturally just by using your own thoughts and feelings the way they were meant to be used to manifest everything that you will ever want or need to be happy.  Now that is a good thing!

These are the video titles you will notice that are about the subject of money:
  • A State Of Financial Abundance
  • Get Money By Not Thinking Of Money... Attract Money Now
  • You Are Already A Billionaire
  • Gain Financial Freedom Now... Focus On The Emotion Of Freedom And The Money Will Come
  • Turn Your Thoughts Into Things You Desire
  • Ask And It Is Given
  • The Key To Manifest What You Want Fast
  • Manifest Anything With A Powerful Rampage
  • Manifest Money With Forking

So, click the playlist below now and go pick out one of the short MONEY videos.  Watch it so you can become an expert by using the Secrets of the Law of Attraction to attract more money to yourself right away.  If you get excited and are eager for more... then by all means watch as many of these wonderful "How To Do It Yourself" videos as you want. 

👉👉 Manifest More Money Now Play List 👈👈

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I love you all!
Big kiss! 💋 💋
Bye bye now!

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